About Us

Directors, Vision, Partners & CEO

Modern Management Firm, Catering To Businesses Great & Small!

Vision and Mission

Vision: SkillsMindset is committed to intellectual leadership through skills development and excellence by offering diverse training need programmes. Provide services as per market demand by utilising state of the art technology.

Mission:  To become market leader by offering dynamic programmes, provide ideal environment for training/ learning, practicing, research, innovation and leadership.

Board Of Directors

SkillsMindset is the leading skills, strategy development and corporate trainer in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and United State of America.

We have a board of directors which boasts of qualified vetted, award winning and recognised individuals from different disciplines.  

Core values


  • Practice the SkillsMindset values in day to day business activities.
  • Corporate interests are key
  • Does not abuse power of authority
  • Takes prompt action on unethical and unprofessional behaviour
  • Keep the promises we make


  • Treat clients and staff with respect and dignity
  • Consistently
  • Leading by task oriented professionals rather than personal concerns
  • trying to meet high level of excellence
  • Shows professional attitude in stressful situations


  • Develop skills as per market standards
  • Enhancement and improvements in training courses
  • Utilise modern technology for effective service delivery
Message from the CEO

Progress, Prosperity and Strength of a nation depend on its ability to create and apply knowledge. We are committed to helping individuals and corporations unlock and develop skills and knowledge to avail market opportunities across the globe.

SkillsMindset is seriously working on concept of smart campus by reviewing its existing establishment and strategic plans. I am quite optimistic that in years ahead, SkillsMindset shall be one of the best learning outfits worldwide recognised for success, goal attainment, research and business development.

SkillsMindset emphasizes on hands-on education and it has incorporated this tendency in its curricula of all programs, also modern teaching methodology and industry standards are strictly followed.

The World has become a global village and distances are no more obstacles in growth of businesses & organisations.
By analysing potential areas and market demand of this new pathway of skills and strategies development,