Frequently Asked Questions

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Our terms and conditions can be found here. Kindly click on this text >> Ts & Cs

Participants are responsible for their individual or group stay and costs of accommodation where and when required. However, we will provide advise and guide if required.

Participants would be responsible for individual or group visas / processes where and when required for traveling

Participants will be responsible for individual or group travel plans including flight tickets and local travels and logistics 

At Skillsmindset, we ensure all our clients are safe while in the training and services environment. We adhere to health and safety rules and more details can be found in our terms and conditions. 

As a standard, we provide Tea, Coffee and light lunch 

 We operate a non-smoking policy. However, the venue may provide smoking designated areas which can be used for smoking

Cost of our services are prepared in US Dollars, GB Pound Sterling and Nigerian Naira

Participants are expected to dress formally or responsibly